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What Services Anchorage Dentists Offer

Anchorage dentists are like most other dentists throughout the country and around the world, offering a large array of dental and oral services. These services are not only meant to keep your mouth healthy, but can also improve the way your teeth and mouth look, which can boost your confidence and help you feel better.

Some services that Anchorage dentists offer that will keep your mouth healthy include teeth cleaning, cavity filling, bridges, crowns, root canals, and night guards. Most people are familiar with teeth cleaning procedures and cavity fillings. Teeth cleaning includes removing plaque from teeth, as well as professional brushing and flossing. Cavity fillings will seal holes in your teeth and help relieve pain, making you feel better while keeping your teeth healthier.

While most people know about teeth cleaning and cavity filling, they’re often less familiar with the idea of bridges, crowns, root canals and night guards. Bridges are something that dentists can place in your mouth to fill large empty spaces caused by several missing teeth in a row. Bridges can make chewing food easier. Crowns, on the other hand, are used to cover existing teeth, restoring their strength and ability to break down food. Root canals also work on existing teeth, and are usually considered one of a dentist’s more painful procedures. They’re incredibly helpful, however, because they can repair teeth that are badly decayed. Finally, night guards are removable coverings for your teeth that can be put in at night. They’re useful for those who wear their teeth down by grinding them, which is usually an unconscious reaction to stress.

All of these health-based services are offered by Anchorage dentists. Anchorage dentists, however, may also offer additional services like teeth whitening, implants, and cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening can improve your smile if it’s been stained by coffee or wine, and implants can improve your smile by replacing a missing tooth with a fake one, making your smile look more whole. For more advanced smile issues, cosmetic dentistry can be used to improve your teeth’s appearance. These services aren’t always directly related to oral health, but can help you look and feel better about your teeth and mouth.

Whether you’re looking for health-based services or cosmetic services, Anchorage dentists provide a variety of services that fall into each category. You’ll be able to choose the best dentist for you, and get your dentistry needs taken care of.

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