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The Paths Of Dentistry

When on the lookout for a good dentist in anchorage you may be unsure of the field and expertise required for your need. Dentistry is not a one way street, it encompasses a large portion of services and paths. Understanding each type can further assist you in narrowing your specific need into painless resolution.

Some are general dentists to more enhanced specialties like periodontist. Understanding the facets of the generalizations to specialties can help to narrow your search for a dentist. Below are just a brief example of the most common fields of dentistry and their relation:

  • DDS (General Dentistry) – much like your primary care doctor for common ailments, a DDS is your go-to dentist. They can clean your teeth, perform root canals and take care of any fillings you may need or have in place.
  • Oral surgeon – this specialty dentist reviews a surgical path for your teeth, jaw and facial structure for your mandible. Typically, you will be referred to an oral surgeon by your DDS.
  • Cosmetic dentists – if you are looking for whitening effect for your otherwise healthy teeth, or even caps or bonding, a cosmetic dentist is the perfect choice for you. Some DDS’ can perform these facets. Inquire with your local Anchorage dentist.
  • Orthodontists – if you are tired of your crooked teeth, have gaps or a severe bite, seek the services of an orthodontists. This dentistry specialty corrects teeth for young adults, when it is easier to arrange the teeth. All ages can seek the care, you may refer to your DDS for a referral.
  • Prosthodontist – is a specialty dentist that takes care of replacements. This can encompass implants, dentures and even necessary bridgework. As usual, refer to your DDS for any specifications that fall outside of general dentistry for a referral.

Understanding the basic paths of common dentistry can prepare a question sheet for you to bring along to your initial consultation. This will avoid a longer wait and instead become an appointment of clarity and understanding what is necessary to take care of your teeth, gums and jaw. How care is handled is based on the services rendered.

Understanding the variations of paths for dentist prohibits you from becoming impatient when it seems like the dentists does not understand your specific need. Knowing the limitations of the dentist and their specialty can enhance your ability to ask direct questions and receive the proper referrals you need for your healthy teeth.

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