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How To Deal With A Dental Emergency In Anchorage

You probably already know about your regular dentistry needs. Whether or not you actually follow these needs, and get your teeth cleaned and checked for cavities regularly, dental emergencies can come up for everyone.

Dental emergencies can be a variety of issues, but are most commonly broken or cracked teeth. These can come up fairly often in Anchorage, particularly for those who play sports or spend time outdoor either for work or leisure activities and may have rough accidents that can result in broken teeth. Skiing and snowboarding are two such activities that are popular in Anchorage that may result in a dental emergency like this.

If you experience this type of dental emergency, or any other type of dental emergency, it’s important that you stay calm. Staying calm is the best way to handle any situation, and will allow you to take accurate stock of your injuries, and determine whether or not you need to go to the hospital. If you don’t need to go to the hospital, but need to take care of your dental emergency, then prepare to go to your local Anchorage dental office.

Before you go to the office, try to stop or slow any bleeding with a wet washcloth. You can add ice to the cloth to help with swelling and pain that may be occurring in and around the tooth as well, although this can be painful for sensitive teeth. Once you’ve done this, see if you can find any parts of your tooth or teeth that may be missing. Your dentist will want to have these pieces so that they can reattach them if possible. After you’ve staunched any bleeding and found missing teeth or pieces of teeth, make sure you’re capable of traveling. If you’re not, enlist the help of someone who is, and have them help you get to the dentist.

Getting to the dentist quickly after experiencing a dental emergency is the best, and fastest way, to get things taken care of. Anchorage dentists usually have years of experience dealing with common dental issues, as well as less common emergency issues, and will know exactly how to help you. When you get to the dentist, explain what happened, the severity and location of any pain you’re feeling, and show them any pieces of teeth that you have. Your dentist will look at the damage that’s been done to your mouth, and will tell you what they need to do to repair your teeth.

If you follow these steps in a dental emergency, you’ll make the best of a bad situation, and get the care you need. Just remember to stay calm, take care of more serious injuries first, stop any bleeding, find any missing pieces of your teeth if necessary, and get yourself to a dentist as soon as you can.

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