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Dental care and health are a lot more extensive than most people seem to realize. Basic routine checkups are the minimum requirement when it comes to taking care of one’s teeth. With checkups here and there being the very first step to maintaining healthy teeth, there are many other procedures and treatments that people need to follow in order to prevent problems from arising. Fortunately, Anchorage dentists understand that there is more than just a basic teeth cleaning and check up needed for patients to have super healthy teeth. Providing several different services in one office, dentists in Anchorage have the knowledge and experience to make sure all aspects of tooth care are taken care of.

When trying to maintain a healthy set of teeth, dental patients need to have access to a variety of different services. After getting their check ups and routine cleanings, they might need to undergo other dental procedures. During checkups, dentists and dental hygienists can discover underlying problems even if a patient is properly taking care of their teeth in between appointments. If that’s the case, the office should be able to provide the specific services needed to correct those problems.

  • Whitening – Overtime, tooth color can start to fade and brushing teeth can only help so much. With this professional whitening service, teeth can be safely bleached in a single appointment.
  • Implants – Loosing a tooth as an adult or having a tooth fall out is never a fun experience. With implants, teeth can be easily replaced with an extremely close resemblance, renewing a patient’s confidence and getting them to smile more often!
  • Root Canal – After a tooth has been decaying and exposed to a number of different infections, the root canal service can provide a safe treatment of the infected tooth to prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Dentures – For patients who want to easily take out their dentures if need be, the partial dentures service makes inserting and removing them highly efficient and easier than ever.

Those mentioned being the most popular or needed procedures, there are also many other treatments and procedures as well. There are many problems that patients can face when it comes to their teeth and it is important that dentists in Anchorage be able to provide the highest quality services all in once office. Having access to numerous services makes caring for ones teeth a lot easier in the long run.

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